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Monday, September 24, 2012

My very very very interesting and unique learning style.
In the first Gardner multiple intelligence test (the blue one), I scored a 1  in lingustic, a 4 in logical-Mathematical, a 5 in Musical, a 1 in spatial, a 4 in bodily-kinesthetic, a 2 in intrapersonal, and a 0 in interpersonal. I obviously did the best in musical which I agree with 100%, but I also did well in logical-mathematical and bodily-kinesthetic.I did disagree with my intrapersonal score because I feel I am way more interpersonal.  For example I love friends, clubs, partying, leading, and social gaterings way more than being quiet and time alone.  Overall I learned that I need hands on learning, physical games, musical instruments, things to explore and think about, friends, and lastly music.  I learned that I love calculating, figurung out puzzles, running (or in my case swimming), and tapping my feet (to music).
On the other sheet I kind of got confused as of what to do, but just by looking I think I would be in the Concrete Random or Abstract Random categories based on the who and how. I am not really sure what the categories meant and I am still confused as to how the who and how connect.

The first person I admire is Mr. Pinto and I think he would deffinetly learn musically since he is a music teacher, but I also think he would be good at logical-mathmatical since we do so much of it in class associating with rythms.

The second person I admire is Mr. Wohlman (nobody would know who he is).  I don't know how he would learn, but he is a amazing nurse and a great leader.  I think he teaches interpersonally because he is good at showing people how to solve problems in large groups.

The third person I admire is Coach Todd and he would probabbly learn body-kinesthetic because he is one of my swim coaches and he is very hands-on in practices.  He will get in the pool and help us out or swim a couple laps with us.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ups and downs of being gifted!
by Justin Albano

There are many ups and downs of being gifted and talented.  Most of the time you get good grades which can lead to going to college and getting a job and making a lot of money'$ which is never a bad thing.  Gifted people are also open to many amazing opportunities that other average kids wouldn't get.  For example some of my friends went to a camp this summer for math and science careers because they did so well in school. Of course I was invited to go to, but unfortunately was unavailable.  Another example is some kids get to go to the high school this year for geometry instead of math or algebra .  You can also get things for just being in this gifted class like high school credits.  Gifted people are good thinkers, better problem solvers, and usually make better decisions.

There are a lot a good things about being gifted, but you can never have the good without the bad.  Gifted people can be made fun of and pressured into always doing amazing at everything.  Others always set high expectations for talented people, even their parents, but nobody is perfect and they may not be able to meet all those expectations.  Gifted people also can get bored in some of their classes since they are so ahead. I still remember my 6th and 5th grade math classes; I would sometimes be a page ahead of everyone else and would have nothing to do when I was finished. Another problem is Asynchronous development or when a persons physical, emotional, intellectual, and social maturities all vary some more greatly than others.  They could learn things that they're not emotionally ready for.

There are many different sides and opinions on being gifted.  Some love it, others would rather be normal.  Everyones allowed to think whatever they want, but I say normal is boring so make the best out of whatever you got and whoever you are.

Live it Up (;

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

trying it out

hey this is my first blog........I think?

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