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Monday, September 24, 2012

My very very very interesting and unique learning style.
In the first Gardner multiple intelligence test (the blue one), I scored a 1  in lingustic, a 4 in logical-Mathematical, a 5 in Musical, a 1 in spatial, a 4 in bodily-kinesthetic, a 2 in intrapersonal, and a 0 in interpersonal. I obviously did the best in musical which I agree with 100%, but I also did well in logical-mathematical and bodily-kinesthetic.I did disagree with my intrapersonal score because I feel I am way more interpersonal.  For example I love friends, clubs, partying, leading, and social gaterings way more than being quiet and time alone.  Overall I learned that I need hands on learning, physical games, musical instruments, things to explore and think about, friends, and lastly music.  I learned that I love calculating, figurung out puzzles, running (or in my case swimming), and tapping my feet (to music).
On the other sheet I kind of got confused as of what to do, but just by looking I think I would be in the Concrete Random or Abstract Random categories based on the who and how. I am not really sure what the categories meant and I am still confused as to how the who and how connect.

The first person I admire is Mr. Pinto and I think he would deffinetly learn musically since he is a music teacher, but I also think he would be good at logical-mathmatical since we do so much of it in class associating with rythms.

The second person I admire is Mr. Wohlman (nobody would know who he is).  I don't know how he would learn, but he is a amazing nurse and a great leader.  I think he teaches interpersonally because he is good at showing people how to solve problems in large groups.

The third person I admire is Coach Todd and he would probabbly learn body-kinesthetic because he is one of my swim coaches and he is very hands-on in practices.  He will get in the pool and help us out or swim a couple laps with us.



  1. I also got a 4 in Bodily-Kinesthetic and am Concrete Random. We are both musical as you can tell. Surprisingly, I only got a 2 in the musical category. I might play an instrument, but I don't associate my moods with music. It is interesting to find out that you are one thing but you thought that you were really another.

  2. I meant that comment to Justin. Sorry.

  3. I have absolutely no clue what I am doing.

  4. You cracked me up, Flynt. You commented correctly!

  5. Justin, you left a lot out of this blog post. Please refer to the instructions on my blog and revise.

  6. im musical and bodily-kinesthetic too