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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What the World Eats
(Rogate homework questions)
1.     Germany spent the most at around $500, but that could vary throughout all of Germany and even though what other countries spend is smaller in our U.S. dollars it might be bigger there.

2.     It looked to me like families from Italy, the United States, and Mexico consumed the most food.

3.     I think that the Melander family of Germany had near the most because they had over 50 glass bottles of beer, wine, and other liquids, but the Revis family from the US had the most packaging.

4.     I think the Mendozas family from Guatemala was the healthiest because they had so many fresh vegetables and fruits. It was not the traditional meal you would find in a Shoprite or Bj’s.

5.     I think that the Aboubakar family of Chad had the least healthy diet because there were no vegetables or any kind of protein so I don’t see how that will support their dietary needs.

6.     It is hard to tell how wasteful families are because you don’t know if they will actually eat all the food spread out on that table, but it is very easy to say that people in places like Haiti or Chad are not wasting the small amount of food they have.

7.     I was surprised that a family in Greenland caught their own food, a seal, before they ate it. That is not anything I have ever done before, but it is something that I would be willing to try.

8.     One picture that interested me was the one where the food was delivered by bicycle in the Weitaiwu village in China. I guess that the nearest shop or market wasn’t too far away from the house.

9.     My family’s diet was similar to some of the diets depicted in the pictures, but a complete juxtaposition to others.  I have never really thought about how much food I actually eat in a week by adding it up, but I know it is definitely not like what they get in some of those third world counties. I think it is kind of in the middle or not on either extreme end.

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