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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Hummingbirds Heart
The first page and almost the whole writing talks about how hummingbirds and other animals structures and systems work on a factual level.  There is no real deep meaning of the man who wrote this, Brian Doyle, listing off facts about the hummingbirds metabolism and mitochondria or how many chambers the whales heart has.  But then you realize as you get farther into it, he isn't talking about the structures, he is talking about the feelings and emotions of other animals that we are nowhere even close to understanding except for the fact that they are present.  The fact that we are not the only animal on earth that communicates and shows emotions towards other people.  Brian Doyle also talks about every animal has about two billion heart beats in a lifetime and how you can spend them fast like a hummingbird or slow like a tortoise.  What I really think he meant about this part was it is not how long you have to live, but how you spend your life. Even if you only have two years to live you can spend them just as good as if you had 50 years.  I think that this writing is meant to be discouraging, but it gives me a new view on life and others hearts.  


  1. I disagree with the fact that the first couple of paragraphs have no real, deep meanings because in my opinion, there is one sentence in each paragraph (except for 1 and 5) that sets an actual deep meaning in each paragraph. If that made any sense...but I know what I'm talking ya.

  2. I think that your opinion on the first couple paragraphs is one way to look at it, but I disagree. He's talking about a heart, how quickly it moves, and why this makes it both hungry for more, and very fragile.