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Monday, May 6, 2013

Whats Worth Knowing
Nothing they teach you in school is worth konowing. I sit in various class rooms six hours a day, five days a week learning complex equations or how to conduct scientific experiments.  I learn everything, but what I will need for life after college.  Schools should teach kids how to interact with others and how to solve group problems.  They should teach us how to work together to get things done and how to find and use our inner creativity.  With these skills all of those useless facts are unnecessary.  I think that in school up until college we should learn basic skills like how to read and write and add.  In elementary and middle school they should also teach us how to express ourselves, talk to others about our feelings, and everything else I just listed above.  Then when we get to college and know what we want to major in we can get more advanced in math or science or writing.  Not everyone is going to want to be a mathematician when there older, so they don't need to learn distance formulas or how to find the perimeter of a octagon now.  There is time for that in college.  Anyway this is all getting back to my point that teachers aren't preparing kids with the right skills for there lives.  What we should learn should not be able to be Googled at the touch of a button and the typing of a few words.

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